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Our house cleaning service is dedicated to providing excellent cleaning solutions for your residence. Our professional team pays attention to every detail, ensuring that your home shines like new. Our services include floor cleaning, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, trash disposal, and wiping down furniture and surfaces, leaving your living environment fresh and tidy. Whether it's regular cleaning, pre- or post-moving cleanup, or special occasion needs, we can meet your requirements. Choose our house cleaning service to rejuvenate your home, providing a healthier and more comfortable living space.

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Service Hours 2 Cleaning personnels Overtime charges
4 hours  $1550 $300(2 person)
(Additonal $160 per hour for overtime, 2 personnels)
(Additional $100 for cleaning utensils, additional $60 for vacuum cleaner)


Household cleaning utensils

Utensils: 6-8 towels, scouring pad etc.

Tools: mop, vacuum cleaner, pail, glass scrub (for glass cleaning)

Detergent: Swipe, CIF, glass cleaner, bleach, varnish     


The steps involved in house cleaning typically include:

  1. Preparation: Before starting the cleaning process, preparations involve decluttering the house by removing items such as clutter, clothing, and personal belongings to allow cleaning personnel to work efficiently.

  2. Floor Cleaning: The cleaning process usually begins with floor cleaning, which includes vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning carpets. This ensures that the floors are clean and dust-free.

  3. Kitchen Cleaning: Cleaning the kitchen is a focal point, involving wiping down cabinets, cleaning kitchen appliances, disinfecting kitchen surfaces, and cleaning sinks and drains.

  4. Bathroom Cleaning: Bathroom cleaning is equally crucial, including cleaning toilets, bathtubs, showers, sinks, mirrors, and tiles.

  5. Furniture and Surface Wiping: Wiping down all furniture, surfaces, windows, and mirrors to ensure they are clean and shining.

  6. Trash Disposal: Cleaning personnel handle trash, including emptying trash bins, replacing trash bags, and ensuring the overall interior cleanliness.

  7. Special Needs: Depending on the client's requirements, additional specialized cleaning may be necessary, such as window cleaning, deep carpet cleaning, or refrigerator interior cleaning.

  8. Inspection and Verification: After the cleaning is completed, a final inspection and verification process is carried out to ensure that all work meets the standards.

These are general steps involved in house cleaning, but the actual steps may vary depending on the client's needs and the policies of the cleaning company. Regardless, the goal of house cleaning is to ensure that the living environment is clean and tidy, providing a comfortable living space for residents.



  • Separate quotation is needed for Hong Kong island, New Territories, and places beyond the MTR stations.
  • We cannot guarantee finishing on time as the time of cleaning depends on the actual situation.
  • If the customer finds that there is damage due to our employees’ negligence, our company provides a maximum compensation of HKD200.
  • Please read the relative laws and regulations in detail prior to applying for our service.


Plastic floor cleaning
Floor waxing: $0.5-$1.1/foot
Cleaning and waxing: $0.7-$1.5/foot
Minimum expenses: $850 (separate quotation is need for an area above 1000 feet)


Wooden floor cleaning
Floor waxing: $0.9-$1.4/foot
Gel waxing: $2.5-$3/foot


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